Dreamvolt is an Artificially Intelligent Platform that supports young people to grow and develop into their best self.

About Dreamvolt


The problem we solve

Young people around today are inspired and motivated and have great aspirations and want to be successful and compete to be their best self. They want to do well in school, University/College and all sports. They want to be successful in their careers and develop. They want to be healthy and look after their environment. There are an untold number of opportunities for our young people today. Companies are providing opportunities for young people in hope to fulfil their social responsibility and support programs. Governments have put in frameworks for young people to support them further through various means. The challenge is young people do not know where to start. They do not have clear pathways and proven methodologies to follow to realise their potential. Young people are often frustrated by the delivery methods used to reach them, and often opportunities seem out of their reach. Organizations have often come into schools and universities handing out flyers or other paper-based material to reach young people, which often is thrown away or lost. As teachers, we see this every day in our students and endeavour to support them. We see the huge gap between the various opportunities available to young people and the source of these opportunities. We understand that young people require clear and proven methodologies and pathways to follow whatever their dreams may be. We understand and adopt our students dreams as our own and do whatever it takes to ensure they fulfil their dreams.